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Step 1 - Schedule 

Be sure to schedule your Vacation Planning Session. We will talk about your vacation dreams, desires and needs. I will provide suggestions and answers to all questions.


Step 3 - Payments

Payment schedules can be created to accommodate all travelers. Payments can be made online or by calling your Travel Agent.

payment pic.jpg

Step 2 - Research & Plan

Sign customer and agent agreement to proceed. Narrow down the destination and hotel selection so a customize itinerary can be created.

never stop exploring.jpg

Step 4 - Enjoy 

It's time to pack and prepare to sit back and enjoy an Exhilarating Vacation.

plane take off.jpeg

Research Fee

To begin research and drafting of a vacation proposal the following fees will apply:

$40 for groups of 1-10

$75 for groups of 11-20

$150 for groups of 20 or more

Services includes custom itinerary, flights, hotels, excursions, and agent support. This fee is non-refundable and will not be applied to your vacation package. 

Thank you,

Exhilarating Destination, LLC

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